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Areas of Specialization



 Conveying System
  • Conveyor Rollers (Carrier, Return, Impact, Guide etc.)
  • Special HDPE Rollers for corrosive environment
  • Conveyor Pulleys with shaft and bearing block arrangement
  • Special detachable lagging on pulleys
  • Conveyor Belts ( Open ended rubber belt, Side wall conveyor belt-pocket type)
  • Belt Cleaners ( Primary, secondary, V Plow, diagonal plow cleaners and motorized belt cleaners)
  • Vulcanizing Material (Glue/Cement Both Cold and Hot)
  • Conveyor Belt Repairing Material
  • Hot Vulcanizing Machines
  • Conveyor Belt Joint Services (Cold)
  • Rain protection covers
  • Conveyor safety items (Pull cord, Belt sway, chute switch and belt tear detectors)
  • Gear with motor and couplings
  • Impact Bars and Buffer Bars
Engineering Design
  • Plant & equipment layout.
  • Detailed engineering (piping, civil & structural, E&I
  • Development of process control & shutdown logic.
  • Equipment design (vessels, columns, exchangers, fixed and floating roof storage tanks).
  • Piping stress analysis.
  • Inspection and refurbishment of equipment.
  • Civil works.
  • Specialized Belt Conveying System Mechanical (piping & structure) including fabrication, welding, NDT, heat treatment, hydro static testing, surface preparation etc..
Field Services
  • Testing, Inspection & Calibration Services.
  • Vibration Analysis & Field Balancing.
  • CP (Cathodic Protection), material supply, Installation & Commissioning.
  • Supply of Gamma Radiography Equipment.
Security System
  • Engineering Studies.
  • Installation of CAC (Conditional Access Control) system.
  • Installation of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) Systems using CCD, CMOD or thermal cameras.
  • Controllers.
  • Site Monitoring Software.
  • FOC splicing and dressing services.
  • Services for the supply of POE switches, JBs, FOC cable, Power Cable, UPS etc.
  • Material Services.
  • Fabrication & Installation of Gathering Stations.
  • Laying of HDPE flow-lines.
  • Laying of GRE flow-lines.