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Abrasion-Resistant and Protective Rubber



Soft rubber sheets are made of high-quality latex and are resistant to highly abrasive and fine-grained materials. This rubber shows excellent performance and inhibits caking in humid conditions. It features high elasticity and self-cleaning effect and reduces the noise level.

It is supplied with/without BL bonding layer. Due to the BL bonding layer, special treatment for perfect bonding is not required. The version with reinforcing fabric layer is also possible.

Use: surface protection, lagging of pumps, centrifuges, chutes, pipes, sandblasting chambers, hoppers, pulleys; lagging of loader buckets handling clay and sticking materials; equipment for streets sweeping, sealed connections, noise-reducing lagging, soft shells for rollers.


Medium hardness rubber with a very high abrasion resistance, breaking strength, and tearing strength. Has a high elasticity and a good weather resistance.

This product type can be made in the following versions: 1) smooth on both sides without BL bonding layer (without CN), 2) smooth on one side and with fabric on the other side, giving roughness to the layer, 3) smooth on one side and with BL bonding layer (with CN) on the other side, 4) reinforced.


Produced from a special mixture of natural rubber, butadiene rubber, and styrene-butadiene rubber (NR, BR, SBR). Highest quality rubber, features a very high resistance to impacts, tear and abrasion caused by sharp and heavy materials. It has a high tearing strength and dry abrasion resistance, and shows a good weather resistance. It is recommended for use in heavy duty areas. It is supplied with/without BL bonding layer; with/without reinforcement.

Use: chutes, hoppers, units of transition from one conveyor to another, vibration conveyors, silos, storage and transportation containers, dump truck bodies, lagging of non-driven movable pulleys, cold vulcanizing repairs of conveyor belts.





Self-extinguishing, neoprene, fire-resistant rubbers.




Art. No. 32301002

DS-2 is used for making dust-sealing covering. This covering is a rubberized elastic fabric and can be easily mounted on structures of every shape. It is well known that the machinery which is constantly liable to dust wears quickly, and is ever more difficult to maintain and repair. But dusty, noisy and unhealthy work conditions are a still more considerable problem. TRS offers a solution for this problem by means of two-millimetre rubber DS-2, a flexible, elastic, ultraviolet resistant membrane providing highly efficient isolation. Roll length – 20 m.

Use: solution of the dust and noise problem, transportation of dry and fine-dispersed materials, protection of material from external action. Coating of hoppers, screens, conveyors, stone crushers, vibrating compaction plates, etc.