Bridge Engineering Company | Conveyor | Belt Conveyor | Roller Conveyor in Pakistan



Bridge engineering Company as a EPC contractor completed the jobs of Conveyor belt in Cement, Fertilizer and Sugar Industry. Scope of projects is supply, fabrication, installation & commissioning of following Conveyor systems:


  • Bag transfer conveyor
  • Bagasse transfer conveyor
  • Clinker transfer belt conveyor
  • Limestone transfer belt conveyor
  • Coal transfer conveyor
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Sugar Industry Conveyors


Besides these system Bridge Engineering Company also serves Pharmaceuticals, Food & Beverage, Poultry, Steel and Chemical industries and manufactured customized conveyor systems as following:


  • Portable inclined conveyor
  • Modular Belt Conveyor
  • Slat Chain Conveyor
  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • PVC Belt conveyors
  • Telescopic Conveyor