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Process Control


Process Control


Elements associated with production of materials can be integrated to formulate some of the most advanced process solutions that incorporate the latest standards and materials to boost efficiency and product cycles.


1. Controllers – from the simplest indicating type to the more complex PLC (Program Logic Controller) for various functions as demanded in the process industry with complete industrial compliance to the remaining plant and machinery.


2. DCS (Distributed Control System) – custom designed and built solutions for advanced process automation with high precision accuracy of control related to measurement and production.


3. Regulators – associated with regulating flow of media from plant to process or further to delivery.


4. SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System – custom built solutions for the most dynamic industries that require accurate reporting and limited supervisory control of plant wide or area wide process.


5. Valves – for control of flow of media with basic on/off function, through to regulated flow and measurement through an assortment of options available.
a. On/Off (all types)
b. Actuators

  • Electrical
  • Hybrid
  • Hydraulic
  • Pneumatic

c. Globe, Butterfly, Solenoid, Bellow Seal